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August 2009 Update

August has been a busy and exciting month.

In early August we sent a truck load of radiology supplies and equipment and an Ultrasound unit to New Orleans to be included in the sea container of medical equipment that will ship at the end of September to Ngangi.

On August 9th the Dayton Daily New, Hamilton News and Lebanon Star all featured full page articles on Project Congo. These have generated invaluable interest and support.

The Project Congo Run on August 15th was well attended and a lot of fun. It generated enough money to purchase a much need neonatal incubator for premature babies at the medical center. Many thanks to all those who turned out to help and run!

Looking to the month of September, the Cat Scan unit donated by the VA Medical Center in New Orleans should be dismanteled and crated and ready for shipment by the end of the month. A second container of medical supplies consisting of items donated to or purchased by Project Congo along with medical equipment donated by the VA Medical Center should begin it’s journey to the DRC about the same time. With the contents of these container we hope to have a fully functioning Xray department in 2010, as well as a small surgery and ICU.
On September 13th a group of Dentist and Radiologists will arrive at Ngangi Medical Center to survey needs and see how they can help during a month long visit, tenatively scheduled for August 2010.

On a sadder note, for those suffering from  deprivation, illness, injury and starvation caused by the on going warfare there is no immediate end in sight. The invasion by Rwandan forces at the begining of the year brought some temporary stability, which has since erroded. Planned resettlement of refugees have been canceled and refugees continue to stagger into the Goma area in search of refuge.