Project Congo and Con Vista Sul Mondo agree to jointly fund Maternity Center

September 2016

Project Congo and Con Vista Sul Mondo agreed today to partner in providing funds to St. Vincent Hospital in Bukavu to complete the second floor of the Maternity Center.

In February of this year, Project Congo and Con Vista Sul Mondo toured the Maternity Center and witnessed the damage to the first floor, which is functioning with patient rooms, a labor room and birthing room.  The damage is the result of the fact the second and third floor is exposed to the elements and during the rainy season, rain collects on the unprotected “roof” of the first floor.

A grant from the Heineken Foundation in the Netherlands seemed imminent at that time to complete the structure.  However, in August, St. Vincent was notified they would not be receiving funds from that source.

At that time, St. Vincent appealed to the Consortium.  We agreed to scale back the construction to one floor, and divide the cost.   St. Vincent would also look at how to pull the costs in.   The first stage agreed to is to enclose the structure to make it weatherproof.