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Project Congo

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Give A Dam For the Congo 2018 fundraiser a success!

Thanks to Everyone who came out!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who joined us for Give a Dam Hill Repeats for Congo today. We raised quite a bit of money for Project Congo. Final numbers coming soon. If you donated online, would you mind PMing me your amount so I can add it to group total?
Special thank you to Lawrence Chow for bringing the most delicious sticky rice, hummus avocado rolls and PB&J, being our photographer, and manning an aid station for several hours (and even doing a few hill repeats in jeans with a nasty ankle injury) . You are the best!
Many records were broken today.
First of all Radu Diaconu did 52 hill repeats in about 3:50 (would’ve been faster if I didn’t stop him for group photo 😁). This time is crazy fast and I doubt it will be broken soon!
Joe Bodner did FKT for one hill is 1:07.
I did 62 hills in over six and a half hours
Repeats count:
– Aneta Zeppettella: 62 slow repeats.
– Radu Diaconu: 52 (under 4 hours , way faster than my 60 in 6.5 hours!)
– Helen Garen did 42
– Jennifer Keiser Russo did 40 before she had to leave to get her daughter.
-Adam Rosing did 35
– Joe Bodner, Willie Survive, Barney Riesbeck, Kenny Smith did 32
– Pat Farrell and Sylvia Esser Gleason: 25
– Jordan Garris and Carissa Derr (and Roxy):20
– Marc Oligee, Heather Ekola and Jen Barnett, (and Marley the dog): 15
– Doug Picard, Matt Kesner, Leanne Hood, Tim Wilson and his wife, Ben Wilcox, Lawrence Chow, Paul Bohannon , Jessica Lee (after 16 mile run): 10
-Carla Zeppetella: 3 and decided that she’d rather swim 100 miles😁
#ultrarunner #runhappy #hillrepeats #wecanmakeohiohilly
Edited; I looked over my data and I actually did 62 repeats, not 60. I can’t count