Burundi refugees flee to Congo

Pre-election violence in Burundi has started a refugee exodus to the DRC.  This may impact the clinics and hospitals we support.  Specifically, Don Bosco Ngangi has housed up to 12000 refugees during similar crises.  Project Congo is monitoring this situation and stocking medical supplies in anticipation it may worsen.   Click here to read about current events in Burundi.

Draft Law introduced to extend Kabila’s Rule

January 2015

Joseph Kabila, president of Democratic Republic of Congo is serving his last term in office.  He was the first democratically elected president in DRC history and has been in power for 16 years.   Elections for a new president are scheduled for December 2016.  However a draft law has been introduced that many consider a move to allow Kabila stay in power.   Read here about the reaction to this news.

Project Congo Hospital Reopens at new site in Goma

September, 2014

Dr. Alfred Mwenebatende announced the reopening of the Project Congo sponsored hospital that was destroyed in 2013 by M23 Rebels.

Centre Medico-Chirurgical Hospital is located in Goma, not far from the destroyed hospital.  Dr Alfred was able to save some equipment before the rebels overtook that area of Goma and has re-installed it all in the new hospital.

Project Congo commits to supporting this new hospital with equipment, funds and training.  Dr. Albert Hospital

New Laboratory installed at St. Vincent’s Hospital

LabProject Congo, in partnership with Worldwide Labs installed a new laboratory at St. Vincent’s which will allow for diagnostic testing resulting in higher quality medical care for patients in Bukavu, DRC.   The lab includes microscopes, centrifuges, refrigerator, and a variety of test equipment all set up to run on car batteries.  This provides the doctors at St. Vincent’s the ability to perform blood and urine analysis both for their own patients, and as a service to other health facilities in the area (providing an income stream).

Worldwide Labs is a nonprofit based in Michigan that purchases and accepts donations of used quality laboratory equipment.  They completely refurbish the equipment and provide technicians to install it onsite and train doctors, nurses and lab techs.  James IMG_2239Borody was the lab technician who installed the lab and provided training.  Prior to joining WWLabs, James spent 11 years living in Niger.  He speaks French fluently.









2013 DRC Trip Cancelled due to Security

This year’s trip to the DRC had to be cancelled for security reasons.

In 2013 the Eastern Congo saw escalating fighting and violence by the M23 rebels in the area. In late 2012 the rebels took control of the city of Goma. In the rural areas villages were liquidated and mass killing took place. Don Bosco Ngangi was able to provide shelter, food and medical care for thousands of refugees. The Nutritional Center cared for increasing numbers of sever malnourished children and St Vincent’s sadly saw high numbers of rape vicitms.
Though we were unable to travel to the Congo we were able to send continued financial assistance and ship medical equipment and supplies.
We concentrated our efforts on the following programs:
1. The Nutrtional Center at Don Bosco Ngangi
2. Medical care of refugees at Don Bosco Ngangi and Health Alliance Goma
3. Medical and surgical care of rape victims at St Vincents
4. Education and tuition assistance for girls through the Simbas Girls Soccer Club.

Mugunga Refuge camp attacked

With disgust I learned of the brutal attack on the Mugunga Refugee camp by M23 rebels. We visited the camp last summer.The camp houses 50,00 refugees. Many of whom fled massacres in their own villages. The M23s attacked with morta
r rounds and machine gun fire. They looted and raped through out the camp and took many children between the ages of 12-16 as child soldiers. The M23s are not men or freedom fighters, are are something worse than animals.

Mugunga Refugee Camp after attack.
Mugunga Refugee Camp after attack.

Solar Electricity for St Luke’s Hospital

Solar Electricity for St Luke’s Hospital
This summer a team of bio-medical engineering students from Wright State University, will travel to Bombo, Uganda to install solar electricity at St Luke’s Hospital  The hospital currently has no electricity and the staff works with kerosene lamps and flashlights when it is dark.

The team will also repair broken bio-medical equipment.

The project cost is for on site purchase of materials and supplies is $5,000.

Update:  Completed June 2012! Thanks to everyone who made this happen!