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Project Congo

Centre Medico-Chirurgical de Goma

Project Congo has been working with Dr Alfred Mwenebatende since 2009. In 2012 Project Congo partnered with Dr Alfred to open the Centre Medico-Chirurgical de Goma.  Project Congo sponsored  Dr. Alfred to open this hospital  to serve to poor and displaced refugee population in the Karisimbi district of Goma.  Goma is in the North Kivu region in the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo. This region has been beset by longterm warfare and instability, as well as, deadly epidemics such as Ebola and Cholera.

This hospital is rare in that it does not turn away patients unable to pay for care.  It offers full medical and surgical services, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as vaccination programs and family planning consultations.  Dr. Alfred and his staff also go out to the refugee camps around Goma and provide outreach medical care to the residents of these camps.

Project Congo  donated and set up the laboratory, Xray , surgery and maternity facilities at the center. Project Congo also installed the solar panel system that provides power to the hospital In addition Project Congo provide ongoing resupplies of laboratory reagents, radiology supplies, medical equipment and medications.

CMC employs 15 people including Dr. Alfred. Project Congo helps with funds to pay staff salaries.  Because a high percent of patients are unable to pay for their medical care, Dr. Alfred was frequently faced with not meeting payroll each month.  In 2014, the board of Project Congo voted to subsidize salaries at CMC in order to  provide economic stability to employees and ensure the clinic serves the indigent.   This is intended to be temporary and plans are in place to increase the revenue of the clinic with the goal of self sufficiency.