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Dr De Joseph’s speech “Say Yes To Love”

“Say Yes To Love”
Ambassador for Peace

Speech given by Dr Joseph December 11, 2019

” All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are gifted with reason and conscience and must act to each other in a spirit of brotherhood. ” “
This concept seems empty for some humans who live on this planet. When we talk about human rights on French, Italian, American, British television.  I wonder if we live on the same planet all. In the West, we are promoting human rights, and people can express themselves and live freely at the same time, European politicians give support and means to African leaders to repress human rights; worse, they use the misery of the people as to promote the agenda of Big Business and Multinational coorporations. In my country, we kill, rape, even the harmless children of a year, two years old, five years old…. by the so-called invisible ADF (Allied Defense Forces, or rebel militia) who are magically crossing the areas supposedly guarded by UNESCO peacekeeping forces, without being seen, and operate at a few meters of of UNESCO bases, I will even say  they are under the supervision of UNESCO, because when they operate the sees them and let them do. The question that goes through my mind is: ” The ADF that perpetuates these terrorist attacks – are they real?, are they transparent not to be seen by UNESCO ? Or rather UNESCO serves them ,so that they are not seen. Or maybe it’s ADF.. the congolese questions and can’t find the answer to this question that comes from several angles. Do my people have the right to human rights? Serious things have happened in Kasika, Mwenga, Makobola, Minembwe and today continue to happen in Beni, but, there is absolute silence. The International Media does not talk about it; and when the population outraged by the massacres broadcast photos on social networks to denounce and show the world what is really happening, we scream at the scandal and we even have the courage to say: ” Respect the dignity of the dead,” for we don’t show the images of the dead. What hypocrisy….!!! But rather respect the lives of these people and not the image of dead bodies…
But what is based on this journalism ethics that would rather respect the image of the dead than denounce these brutal dead, denounce the authors of cruelty, make the truth to the world by spreading the images that will shock the world so that the people of the whole world will be able to Raise like one man to say, “it’s enough, it has to stop…. we have enough” I don’t understand how the big sponsors of crimes managed to silence the press by creating laws or codes that  in the long run protect the perpetuators. Codes of ethics that allow killers to do their dirty work in tranquility by keeping the world in total ignorance of the cruelty they commit, of the evil crimes that they sponsor every day on poor and peaceful citizens. And as nothing is broadcast, the world continues to turn quietly as if nothing was. We raid in my country, we cut the children, rape the parents,…. day and night, we rape women, but it’s okay, as long as the business of  big multinational coorporations works well under this mess and the leaders Western get their commissions, it’s fine. The companies are driving western governments, which let them both create wars, finance the war and take advantage of it to take a low hands on a country put on knee. The world has deprived my people the fundamental right that is the right to life, the right to live in peace and security. We deprive our children of the right to grow up in a human world. What did they do to deserve to be slaughtered like wild beasts? What does the world do to save these children from human barbarism and this blind violence? We impose silence on the media, we keep people in total ignorance.
Dear Brothers, I call you brother because from now on the world is a village and with us all the inhabitants of a village consider themselves brothers, let’s raise us all to demand life for the children of of the Congo and life for the Congolese population, the Life for humanity
The Congolese people are calling for help: people from all over the world, let’s unite our voices to say no to blind massacres, no to hatred, no to the exploitation of man by man. Remember this quote from Martin Luther King: “Our life begins to stop the day we keep silence on serious things”
Let’s say yes to life,
Yes to peace,
Yes to the right to live in a fair and brotherly world,
Yes to love
Dr. of-Joseph kakisingi m
Ambassador for peace