Mission Statement

Project Congo seeks to bring health and hope to the victims of warfare, the mining industry, political neglect and extreme poverty in eastern Africa.  We strive to provide access to quality medical care to people  irrespective of their financial status.  By providing medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical training and environmental support,  we aim to build sustainable hospitals.   Project Congo also wishes to raise awareness in the United States  of the major issues driving ongoing instability in the Congo and the suffering inflicted on the civilian population.


  • Help build self-sustaining Congolese hospitals in the Kivu region of DRC
  • Elevate the standard of medical care by providing training and equipment to Congolese medical staff
  • Provide quality medical care, education and financial support to the poor in the Kivu region with a focus on women and children
  • Raise awareness in the United States about ongoing crises in the Congo and the role of the US

Bringing Health & Hope to People of the Congo