Rest In Peace

It is with great sadness, that I announce the death of our friend, mentor and colleague Brother Jean Pierre Ruzinge. Brother Jean Pierre was born in the Eastern Congo and devoted his life to the poor and vulnerable. He fought for justice, education and human dignity. Brother Jean Pierre was the impetus behind the founding of Project Congo. He was the one who first took me to the Congo and encouraged me to help in some way. When I left the Congo on that first visit in 2008, his words rang in my ears: "Tell the world what is happening here." I arrived back home overwhelmed by what I had seen and felt there was so little I could do. Gradually I concluded the only thing I could do wrong, would be to do nothing. Little by little, Project Congo was born. Today we continue Jean Pierre's mission. We bring help and hope to those in need in the Eastern Congo. We will continue to tell the world what is happening there until peace and justice flourish and human dignity is restored. Rest in Peace Dear Friend Your Work Marches On Dr Sylvia Esser-Gleason

These 10 Countries face the largest Humanitarian crises of 2020

Comment from Board Member Matt Kesner “Project Congo is so important to me and reports like this demonstrate why everyone should care. These are horrible things going on all over the world, but this report says the DRC is facing the second biggest humanitarian crisis of 2020.”

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6/18/2019 St Vincent's Medical Center Adds New State of the Art Neonatal Facility

This project will provide state of the art life saving care to premature and distressed babies born at St Vincent. The facility will also care for critically ill pediatric patients. The project was aided by a generous grant from Rotary International which allowed the purchase of brand new incubators and equipment. The new facility will go a long way to saving young lives in this impoverished patient population.