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Project Congo

St Vincent Medical Center

St. Vincent Hospital is located in the city of Bukavu in the South Kivu region of the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Project Congo has been working with St Vincent since 2013. We built and supplied the current laboratory and Xray. We provide ongoing supplies and equipment for the laboratory, radiology , maternity and pediatrics.

Project Congo is partnered in an “international consortium” with an Italian non-profit called “Colibri” to support larger projects at St. Vincent’s. Together we can do more than each of us alone! International consortiums can apply for grants from large non-profit organizations.

With Consortium, we have been able to build new three story maternity facility. In 2019 with a grant from the Rotary Club, a state of the art Pediatric ICU was added.

We hope in the future to build a new surgical suit.

Care for Victims of Sexual Violence

St Vincent’s offers specialized care for victims of  sexual violence.

The Chief of Surgery, Dr De Joseph Mibi, has undergone specialty training in Italy to perform fistula repairs and gynecologic reconstructive surgery. The hospital also receives visiting gynecological surgeons from Italy, who perform surgeries and train staff.

Between 2015 and 2017 the center cared for 326 victims of rape of which:

  • 53 required fistula repairs
  • 32 received obstetric care for resulting pregnancies
  • 128 perineal lesions were repaired
  • 86 had severe genital infection
  • 27 received other ob-gyn surgery
  • 82% received psychological support

So far this year (2017) center has a waiting list of 380 victims who require surgical intervention or other care.

In 2016, Dr. De Joseph started a local NGO (non-governmental organization, which is like non-profit status in the USA) to more completely support victims of rape. It is called “Women Can!” Volunteer social workers go out to villages to seek out rape victims, bring them to Bukavu where they are sheltered in tents or with foster families.  St Vincents provides medical care to these women for free and volunteer psychologists work with them to address their trauma. They now have an agricultural project to provide training and income for these women , so they can restart their lives.