Volunteer Spotlight


Denyse is a dental hygienist, married, and the mother of 2 girls.   She raises money for Project Congo in a myriad of ways:  she is an uber driver, she’s collected returnables, had yard sales, and together with a friend made tote bags to sell.  In addition, Denyse diligently searches for grant opportunities and writes personal appeals to people and companies all around the world:  electronics companies, CEO’s, the U.N., the Vatican, millionaires, billionaires, people of influence and power to raise awareness and much needed funding.

“I learned of Project Congo through my physical therapist’s family. They had adopted 2 little girls from the DRC and when I saw their pictures and learned of the fates of the ones left behind, there was no turning away.  When I learned that 1,100 women and children are brutally raped PER DAY, that’s 48 PER HOUR, and then disowned by their family and villagers because it is considered their fault, almost all needing reconstructive surgery, I could not turn my back on them. They had been hurt horribly in every way a human being can be hurt, some even murdered. Many becoming pregnant, unable to care for and support themselves let alone a child. Many infected with HIV. These are true crimes against humanity and in a patriarchal society such as theirs, I feel as a woman and as another human being, it is important to bring compassion, help, healing, and hope to those who have lost everything. And these women and girls have lost everything and suffered what no human being ever should. I want to bring awareness and education about their plight and to let people know about how they can help. Women and children are collateral damage in the war in the DRC over minerals that are used in all electronics like cell phones. Over 6 million+ people have died in this war, as many as the Holocaust so far. It has to stop.”

We asked Denyse why she cares so much for people a world away:   “I care about these women and girls who are so far away because they are human beings and I have a responsibility as another human being to intervene when I see blatant injustice and cruelty especially to those who cannot defend themselves. We cannot leave it to someone else to be the one to care. It is time to stand up and act. “